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2020-10-21 04:57
RH/AS series elevator door pulsation vacuum sterilizer is my company according to the requirements of the relevant country of sterilization equipment, and refer to the international standards requirements of electric heating steam sterilization equipment development, production, is to meet the hospital, pharmaceutical products, biological engineering industries laboratory requirements, can be achieved for biological products, vessel, sterile gown, medical equipment, medical dressings and other goods.
The main body adopts unique jacket structure, automatic plasma welding, with strict welding process guarantee system.
• The sealing door adopts pneumatic lifting and compressed air automatic sealing technology, which is easy to operate and reliable.
The control system adopts touch screen to display and operate, and micro printer to output process parameters, which makes sterilization monitoring more intuitive and convenient.
 Joist - mounted sterilization articles are flexible and convenient.
Equipped with a special built-in steam generator, no external steam source is required.